Hi Everyone!

And welcome to my website.

It is an honour to know that you are sitting before your computer and reading this text. That means you have clicked or typed in my website and I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

In order to assist you, the website is broken down into three main categories:

The Thinker

The Writer

The Voice

Within “The Thinker” you will find my blog and you may also sign up for it. The blog is called “Quiet Times” and will give insight into  my thought life and what I write about in my journals. You are also welcome to comment as long as you respect the comments and thoughts of others.

In “The Writer” you will come in contact with the person, Pat Garcia, writing in her world of inspirational, multicultural, romantic suspense. I have a lively fantasy and I am very thankful for that. For my readers, I have decided to write a book which has not yet been published and publish a chapter a month for my website until it is finished. I am looking forward to it.

You will be able to follow all the other books that I write and especially the series that I am writing about “The Mansion” which  has not been published yet.

Finally in The Voice, you will encounter  the other half of Pat Garcia’s heart, her music. My music pushes me higher, gives me strength and makes my world beautiful. It is a joy to know that I have been given a gift to inspire others.

So, I wish you well.


Pat Garcia

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