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Having entered into this world early on a Tuesday morning, I am an early getter-upper. Getting up pass seven in the morning gives me the feeling of having missed some part of the day.  So, I am usually up and about by five AM.

As a writer and singer that sometimes bring me into conflict with my sleep, because I like writing late into the night or because of my concerts where I usually arrive home late during the early morning. According to some people in the medical field, eight hours of sleep a day is mandatory for the human being.  If so, then I differ from the norm.

I wanted this website to project the image of who I really am as a person and not only as a singer, writer and musician. So many times, we think that artists do not encounter the daily challenges, frustrations, problems, and disappointments that everyone else encounters.  But that is not true.  Artists who strive for excellence are confronted with challenges, changes, disappointments, frustrations and hurts. We experience deep valleys.  Our success does not lie in the fact that these things are alien to our lives, but to the fact that we are learning how to master them, by facing daily the events that confront us, even if we are afraid of the outcome.


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