The Thinker

It was often said when I was a child, that I thought too much because I was always thinking. I love to think about good things, things that build up and not tear down. However, that does not mean that bad things do not happen. They do, but as a child, I chose to see the  positiveness in those bad things and to bounce back no matter what.

Quiet Times expresses situations, words, experiences, encounters that cross my pathway on my journey and how I react to them. There will always be challenges if you decide to look at life as being a journey and not just as going from one step to the other. As a Christian, I sometimes have some pretty hard battles to fight, but again, I have learned it is how I see the battle that counts.  There have been many times when it seemed like the battle was over and I was finished but in the intensity of the battle, there was  turning point and it has turned out for my good. Again, Quiet Times, is exactly that. It is a blog that expresses my actions or reactions to what I encounter on my journey and I hope that it will help someone else on theirs.

As a professional blogger you will find other blog articles written by me on "Wind, Rain, Winding Roads & Sunshine, the By-Ways of Life" or on "Thinking It Over" a blog that I write for several online publications.  "Wind, Rain, Winding Roads & Sunshine, the By-Ways of Life" deals more with the spiritual journey that we all undertake if we have accepted Jesus as LORD of our lives.  "Thinking It Over" deals with what is going on in and around the world in Health, in the Fitness Sector, in Technology, History, Literature and Philosophy.

A Quiet Times blog will be posted twice a month.

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