The Voice


Music is the fuel of my life. It keeps me going. If my parents were still living on this side of life they would probably tell you that I was born singing. As a small child, I started singing with three years of age and have been singing from the heart ever since.

One of the pieces of furniture that I treasure the most is my piano. It was the first piece of furniture that I bought after leaving home. It was clear to me, that I could always sleep on the floor and  the desire to have my own piano took precedence over sleeping in a bed. Today, I still have that piano. Wherever I move, it goes with me.

Finding my voice in music has been humorous. To sing, to play piano, or keyboards is a fine thing and I enjoy it tremendously.

My voice is unusual. It is a gift, a contra alt, that lies deep in the pit of my stomach  and when I wake up  mornings I sound like a contrabass,  but I love it. It took me years to accept the fact that my voice was different and unlike most women my voice was more comfortable when I sang on th lower scales. I can reach three octaves but my comfortability lies deep in the lower scales. Today i rejoice in the fact that my voice is really a gift that causes people's hearts to rumble and children to look at me astonishingly because of the unusualness of my voice.

If you are ever near a town where Pat Garcia and The Circle of One are appearing or where I am appearing with the Jan Masuhr Band or as a solo act with my accompanist Rainer Wahl, come on in and join the crowd. I believe you would enjoy it.

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