The world of music has opened doors in my life to people, who have enriched it. I have had the privilege of working with some of the most outstanding musicians in Europe. The most important step in music was taken with a young man whom I will be forever grateful.  He and his wife gave me my first godchild. The man was Johannes Nitsch. What can I say? With him, I began discovering the yearning within me, that had been pulling me since I was a small child. His acceptance of me into the group Aufwind, started it all. There I met people like Jan Vering, the Literary Director of the Apollo Theater in Siegen, Clemens Bitlinger, Werner Hucks, and all of the talented musicians and singers from Aufwind. With these people, I began to tour Germany,  Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg. I had opportunities to work with people like David Pluss and Dieter Falk.  It was a difficult but wonderful training ground. I am so thankful that they took the time to teach me what it meant to take responsibility for my talents.

One lesson that I learned that accompany  me even today was from Jan Vering. It was his little pep talk with me that help me to become aware of the voice that I had been given. Before a concert where I was suffering from stage fright, he said to me, "Lady, go out there and sing and you will forget every thing else but that you are in your world." This statement reminded me of my grandmother's charge to me. She had always said "Sing child. Sing it from the heart and you will touch the hearts of people." Since my childhood,  I have always sung from the heart. I learned at an early age, "It is the heart that counts."

Later I  have met other outstanding musicians since I have started walking out my own journey. Musicians like Armin Mueller, Rainer Wahl, Jan Masuhr,  Frank Willi Schmidt, Simon Ostheim, Neli Masuhr, Christian Schmitt, Axel Schöne, Dennis Schwarzkopf, Andreas Schwarzkopf, Aaron O'Neil, Cornelia Scholz, Elke Hüfner, Helmut Jost, Alexander Jacobi, Timo Platte, Jens Velten and many more who I have not mentioned here,  are people whom I treasure and with whom I go on stage.

I have had the opportunity to work with orchestras in Germany and in Switzerland and it has been a learning experience that I treasure and it has brought me much joy.

Today, I am back  on the road, after three year of redefining myself in my faith, with my own combo, The Circle of One; with the Jan Masuhr Band and of course as solo singer, with my trusted and well-accomplished pianist, Rainer Wahl.

Links to these musicians  may be found on the links page. These people are a part of my musical family and it is a pleasure not only to work with them but also to be in their presence. That is what music is all about, building relationships and touching people from my heart to their  hearts. These musicians have touched me in the heart.

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