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Starting school at the age of 5, I was very excited about attending and I fell in love with learning and have been in love with learning ever since. I remember returning home on my first day of school and writing up my entire tablet with scribble. No one could read it, but I knew what it meant and built a story around it from my mind.

At the age of 16 my English teacher introduced me to Roderick Thorpe, Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart. I read Thorpe's first book "The Detective" and was fascnated at the suspense, he built in his novel. At the same time I had received  a book by Victoria Holt, "The Bride of Pendoric"  and needless to say, the desire to write romantic suspense was birthed into my life. Victoria Holt, including the pseudonyms that she wrote under,  Mary Stewart, Phyllis Whitney, Dorothy Sayers and Daphne du Maurier became my examples of women who wrote  well-written romantic suspense novels and I have read every book that was written by them.

It has taken me some years to put my first book to paper.  To be exact, it has taken eighteen years to find my own voice. For me that is the most important, because then you realize that  you have something to say; that you have a message that you want to share with the world regardless of what genre you choose to write in.

I have chosen the inspirational, multicultural romantic suspense field because I write fiction that is based upon biblical principles. My books are multicultural because I don’t see the world in black or white. If God is true in what he says that “He is no respecter of persons” then God has children from all different nationalities and races and we must all learn to live together as a family.

For some Christians,  parts of my books will probably come across as being to worldly. However, I stand behind what I write. As I have written in my first book and I would like to quote that: “We have made God puritanical and narrow minded by what we think that He thinks and is; we either avoid or pretend that certain things, such as sexual love, are ugly and harmful to human beings. That is not true, for one must only read the Song of Songs to realize that sexual love is one of the highest forms of love between a man and a woman living under God’s covenant. It is Covenant Love.”

Thus, my books cover the entire range of a loving relationship between a man and a woman united under God in marriage as well as drama, suspense and humor. My first series, which I am in the process of writing, is designed to be uplifting, encouraging, humorous, full of hope and sensual.

For those of you interested in my books, I will be putting a novel, online on, chapter for chapter on a monthly basis, starting with the month of December, 2011. For now, please enjoy a  small excerpt from a novel I am in the process of writing.

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